The top 7 best products for a clean home with pets

So, you know that sinking feeling in your stomach when your in-laws show up unannounced? You haven’t tidied up, which means you’re sure they’ll judge you for the mess Fido’s made around the house.

What about the hint of panic when your landlord drops by to “see how you’re doing”? Thing is, your pup had an *accident* on the wall-to-wall carpet. You bet that’s the first thing she’ll spot. Oops!

Or that awkward moment when your friend side-eyes you cause your living room smells funky? Promise, there’s nothing to see here.

Yep, we’ve all been there.

That’s why we’ve put together this no-nonsense list of items every fur parent needs to keep a home spick and span—and presentable. Even with dogs!

Must-haves for a clean home (clean your home in half the time)

Item #1: A pet grooming glove

If you’re wondering how to keep a house clean with a dog that sheds, the answer is pretty simple: Regular grooming.

The fact is, dogs shed hair all the time. Although how much and how often depends on your pet’s breed, his health, and even the climate. In other words, there’s no escaping dog hair.

But if you’re determined to rid your home of flying fluff and loose hairs, then it’s time to bring out the big guns! And by “big guns” we mean our two-in-one Grubby Paw Grooming Mitt for dogs.

The rubbery side of our hand mitt dog brush untangles and captures excess dog hairs. The soft microfibre side lets you dry your pup off anytime, anywhere. Trust us, our deshedding glove for dogs makes all the difference.


Remove excess hair & dry your pup fast with the Grubby Paw Grooming Mitt

Item #2: A durable doormat for dogs

Rain or shine, man’s best friend will get dirty. And like their humans, dogs track in dirt, dust, sand, and mud. So, if you want to keep your home, floors, and furniture clean, start at the front door with a versatile dog welcome mat. Like PetLab’s Grubby Paw Doormat.

Ours is an ultra-absorbent dog doormat with heavy-duty, non-slip backing for added grip. It stays in place no matter how fast doggo comes running in! And since it's perfect indoors, outdoors, as a feeding mat, at your grooming station, and in the car, our doormat is one of the smartest purchases you'll make.


Keep your floors, furniture & home clean with the Grubby Paw Doormat

Item #3: Potty training pads

Out at work all day? Don’t have a dog walker or anyone to take your buddy out for wee breaks? There’s no need to dread what you'll find when you get home if you have a designated spot for your pet to do his business.

For that purpose, doggy pee pads are a lifesaver! Especially since house-trained pets still have accidents. Remember: What’s good for your dog is good for you (and your floors).

Item #4: An indestructible dog bed

My dog doesn't climb into bed when I’m around. But as soon as I leave the house, he’s all over that thing! (The hairs are a dead giveaway.) Moral of the story: Even the most obedient dog will break house rules.

If yours is anything like mine, the solution is to invest in a comfy dog bed. The trick is to get your dog acquainted with the pet bed early in his life before he develops an attachment for yours.

Item #5: Pet stain and odour remover

There's nothing quite as embarrassing as a smelly home. It's also plain unpleasant. There’s good news, though. Our line of pet-friendly cleaning products? They make better-smelling rooms 100% possible.

For the stench of "wet dog", we swear by Healthy Habitat—our powerful all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, and odour-buster. It even comes in a nifty spray-and-go formula!

For urine stains and the lingering acidic smell of pee, our plant-based E.N.ZYME formula will come to the rescue. It works 10 times faster than other odour removers and it’s compatible with most indoor surfaces.

Grab your Starter Pack while it’s still on sale.


Eliminate urine stains & odours permanently with the PetLab Stain & Odour Remover

Item #6: Dog-proof couch covers

When it’s wet out, your pup's adorable little paws aren’t so adorable anymore—they leave mucky prints all over the place! Couch included since it's so much more fun to hang out where you're hanging out.

But there's an easy hack for that: Machine-washable couch covers. Sofa covers keep muddy paws, doggy dribble, and fur off expensive upholstery. What if you can’t find one that fits? A large throw or an unused blanket will do. Just tuck it in.

Item #7: Pet-safe laundry detergent

Time to wash those dirty couch covers, bedding, and garments? Look no further than PetLab’s Eco Laundry Liquid. Our Double Strength™ Formula means all you need is a single wash to deep clean, disinfect, and eliminate pet stains and odours.

And here’s the best part: Our pet-safe detergent won’t cause allergies or irritate your pet’s skin.

As every pet parent knows, it’s a dog’s world; we’re just living in it! Best add these must-have items to your arsenal for stress-free cohabitation with your furry friend.


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