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Puppy-Safe Disinfectant from PetLab

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but it comes with some challenges that you need to be prepared to face – and cleaning up after ‘accidents’ is definitely one of them. This is why you need a puppy safe disinfectant.

As pet parents ourselves, we know that loving our pets doesn’t mean ignoring some of the problems that they come with – and we want to make pet parenting easier for everyone. As part of our mission to find innovative solutions to everyday problems faced by pet parents, the first issue we wanted to tackle was keeping homes clean, disinfected and odour-free. We have worked with the best scientists to find safe and effective solutions that are not only guaranteed to work, but ones that also align with our values of being eco-friendly.

The answer to this question, found thanks to our scientific investigation, is a puppy friendly disinfectant that really works and is available to buy online.

How to Use Our Puppy-Friendly Disinfectant

We have two different formulations to choose from.

  • To start with, we recommend using E.N.Zyme Solution Stain and Odour Remover. This is an enzyme-based cleaner that destroys the source of stains and odours in an effective and pet-safe way – putting ‘good’ bacteria to work to consume the ‘bad’ bacteria found in organic waste, turning it into harmless salts, water, and carbon dioxide.
  • Once you complete the cleaning process as directed with the E.N.Zyme Solution Stain and Odour Remover, our Healthy Habitat puppy disinfectant is the finishing touch to make sure there are no leftover germs. Healthy Habitat is an all-natural organic product that has been created from organic plant extracts (and other natural ingredients) to be completely safe for all pets (and their parents, too!). It has been independently tested, proven, and certified by laboratories, institutions, and government agencies worldwide to be 99.9999% effective against bacteria and viruses on contact. This formulation needs zero rinsing – just spray and go.

Buy Eco-Friendly Puppy Disinfectant Today

We have a range of different strengths and sizes pet enzyme cleaners in Australia to make it simple for you to purchase what you need, when you need it. You can select from a spray bottle for the easiest way to clean or go for a 5l bottle for a product that lasts. We even offer a 50% more concentrated option – a 300ml bottle that can be diluted at home to make up to 6 litres of our super effective cleaners (an option that really is best for the environment).

Buy online, spend more than $99 for free standard delivery, and you could have your perfect puppy safe disinfectant sooner than you think.
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