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Looking for a Kennel Cleaner That Really Works?

Whether you work in an animal rescue centre, have pets stay with you while their owners are on holiday, work in a vet office, or you simply want to clean your own kennels at home, you need a kennel cleaner that actually works.

Here at PetLab, we are pet parents ourselves. We know all the highs and lows of pet ownership and, as an Australian company, we have taken that knowledge to try and solve some of the problems we have faced. We want to make pet parenting easy, so the first problem we have sought to solve is how to keep pet (and human) homes clean, disinfected and odour-free.

Our Australian Kennel Cleaner Formulation

We have two solutions that help keep kennels clean, disinfected and odour-free. The first thing needed is the E.N.Zyme Solution Stain and Odour Remover.

This solution uses enzymes to completely destroy the source of the odour and using this in your kennel is the first step to deal with lingering problems. You can use this safely around all pets, so there is no worry about putting it anywhere you have a problem with pet stains and odour – the enzymes can tackle urine and faeces as well as vomit, drool, and blood.

To give a thorough, complete clean and ensure disinfection, follow up the initial clean with our Healthy Habitat solution. This is a 100% natural cleaner that is made from plant extracts and other naturally occurring ingredients – and it is 99.9999% effective against all bacteria and viruseson contact. No rinsing required – just spray and go.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Product To Clean Kennels

To make it easier for you to get started, we have put together the ultimate package of kennel cleaner ready for you to use. This combines a 1l E.N.Zyme Solution Stain and Odour Remover and Healthy Habitat in simple to use spray bottles.

Simply use our enzymatic pet urine cleaner as directed and then follow up with Healthy Habitat to tackle any remaining germs and your kennels will be clean, disinfected, and odour free.

Kennel cleaning has never been easier!
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