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Collection: PetLab PLUS™ Artificial Grass / Outdoor Cleaner

The most concentrated & penetrating cleaner, disinfectant & odour eliminator in the artificial turf industry.

PetLab PLUS™ is the only 'triple action' artificial turf / outdoor area cleaner on the market that deep cleans, disinfects and eliminates odours in a single application. 

Guaranteed to protect your backyard and keep it clean, safe and smelling fresh all year round for your pet and family!

Treat all outdoor surfaces including: artificial turf, concrete, brick, outdoor furniture, kennels, swing sets, fences, walls or any other surface where odours arise due to pets.

Super Concentrated Formula™ & 45 Day Risk-Free Trial*.

Non-toxic and 100% natural ingredients. 

Safe for people, pets and the environment.

PetLab is guaranteed to work as directed or your money back*


Concentrated Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

Many Australians are turning to artificial grass to make their yards look great all year round. It’s an excellent choice but it is important that you choose the right artificial grass cleaner to keep it looking and smelling clean. You need a solution that is effective and one that is safe for use around animals.

Here at PetLab, we are an Australian-owned family business. As pet parents, we know the struggles of owning a pet. We want to make it as easy as possible to be a pet parent – so we made it our mission to be at the forefront of innovation in all the things that matter. The first problem we wanted to solve was keeping our homes and gardens clean, disinfected and odour-free – and we are proud to say we created the ultimate solution. In our first 12 months, we have given more than 200,000🐾 pet parents a safe, effective cleaning solution that they just couldn’t find elsewhere.

You too can take advantage of the PetLab research that we have done and get the most effective and safe synthetic grass cleaner available in Australia.

How Does the Fake Grass Cleaner Work?

Our exclusive formulation is at the forefront of a new cleaning technology, using enzymes rather than harsh chemicals as the active ingredient. We know that our clients want their fake grass cleaner to work quickly and effectively, but it also needs to be good for the environment and safe for pets and humans.

Enzyme cleaning is a fascinating subject. Our product works on a microbial level to completely destroy the source of stains and odours by complete consumption of organic waste. Itworks by putting enzymes that are created by a special fermentation process to work, activating ‘good’ bacteria to eat the ‘bad’ bacteria found in urine, faeces, blood, vomit, and other pet waste. The enzymes themselves are fermented from natural sources, which means that the entire formulation is non-toxic and completely safe for you and your pets.

The synthetic turf cleaner is simple to use and can be applied whenever suits you best – either as a spot cleaner for obvious stains and sources of odour, or as a regular preventative for the build up of bacteria.

How to Use Our Synthetic Grass Cleaner

We are so confident that you will agree our product is the best that we offer a 45-day trial with no hassle returns and a full refund if you are not satisfied. With that being said, it is important that you know the procedure for correct use of our fake grass cleaner – it is simple and straightforward.

Firstly, remove any solid waste and rinse well with clean water. It is very important that there are no other chemicals present in the area before you apply the astro turf cleaner. Otherwise the enzymes will not be able to work effectively. Allow this to air dry.

The process relies on moisture to work, so it is best to add the artificial grass urine cleaner in the late afternoon when the sun is going down so that it does not dry to quickly. Using 50ml of our PetLab Plus Turf/Outdoor Disinfectant Cleaner, add to a 2l pressurised garden spray and fill up with water. You can find these pressurised sprays at local hardware stores if you don’t already have one.

When you're cleaning artificial turf, soak the affected area thoroughly and leave to dry – the treatment will continue throughout this process, and it is normal for any bad odours to intensify as the enzymes start to work. If you are concerned that the area might dry to quickly, consider covering with a tarpaulin or another non-porous cover.

In some cases, you may require more than one treatment – especially if the artificial turf has never been cleaned.

For maintenance, we suggest that you add 25ml of product to the sprayer along with water and spray regularly – this might be once a month or more regularly if needed. PetLab Plus Turf/Outdoor Disinfectant Cleaner is not a deterrent – it won’t prevent your pet from toileting in the same area, but it will destroy any scent that might attract them back.

Our Artificial Turf Cleaner is Simple & Effective on All Outdoor Surfaces

We have thoroughly tested our products to be safe and effective on several surfaces, which means that this artificial grass cleaner for dogs is not just for your fake grass – it can also be used on:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Kennels
  • Swing Sets
  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Outdoor Furniture

The reason we are the number one Australian enzymatic pet urine cleaner brand is that our products are not only effective, but they are completely safe to use around your pets so you can clean in confidence.

When it Comes to Astro Turf Cleaner, Choose What's Best For The Environment

As a local Australian company, we are aware that protecting our environment is of utmost importance – and that means we take all the steps we can to make sure our artificial turf cleaner is as eco-friendly as possible.

Starting from inside the lab, we recycle at least 70% of all the waste we create. We are working on reducing our single-use plastics, which leads us to our concentrated solutions. Cut back on plastic usage with us by choosing our concentrated 300ml bottle that makes up to 6l of ready-to-use product. We also understand the value of bulk buying, which means you can get our products in 5l bottles for multiple uses, too.

We accept all major credit and debit cards; you can use PayPal and even transfer the cost of your purchase directly from your bank account or take advantage of our partnership with Afterpay to spread the cost over several payments. With free standard delivery on orders over $99, and a flat rate fee for delivery Australia-wide, there has never been a better time to get your PetLab Plus Turf/Outdoor Disinfectant Cleaner online and find out why we are the best-selling artificial grass cleaner in Australia.
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The Next-Gen Turf & Outdoor Disinfectant That Keeps Your Backyard Clean, Safe & Smelling Fresh All Year Round

Keeping your turf and outdoor areas protected and smelling fresh with pets is always a challenge, especially in the hotter months causing the odour to intensify.

Regular use from toileting can damage your artificial turf and contain harmful bacteria, germs & viruses if not treated on a regular basis.  

If you are a pet owner looking for a cost-effective solution to maintain a sanitary and blissful smelling backyard 365 days a year, than we have the perfect solution for you. 

PetLab PLUS is formulated using 100% natural plant-based ingredients that go to work on deep cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising artificial turf and outdoor surfaces where the smelliest of smells may occur.

When applied, PetLab PLUS continually works to biologically destroy odours by digesting the harmful bacteria caused by urine, feaces and other disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

PetLab PLUS is a safe & environmentally friendly artificial turf cleaner that completely eliminates odours biologically, unlike most cleaners that temporarily mask it!


What Makes PetLab PLUS™ Different?

Child & Pet-Safe

Formulated using non-harmful plant-based ingredients. Safe to use around children, pets & the environment.

Instant Results

Our powerful disinfectant kills germs, bacteria & viruses instantly upon impact. Eliminating bad odours permanently, not masking it.

All Natural/Non-Toxic

Certified Organic Ingredients derived from natural plant extracts and other natural ingredients. 100% free from nasty chemicals.

Cost Effective

Make up to 24L of the most concentrated & penetrating turf disinfectant in the artificial turf industry. All this at a fraction of the cost compared to ready to use turf cleaning products. 

Works On Wide Range Of Bacteria

Works on a wide range of harmful bacteria caused by urine, faeces, other disease-causing bacteria & viruses.

Easy Application

Easy application for both large and small areas with our high-performance pump spray. Have your turf clean and smelling fresh in half the time, so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Safe For The Environment

Is bigger always better...? When it comes to the environment, less is more. Our concentrated formula helps reduce single-use plastic and is 100% bio-degradable. Safe for the environment, children and pets. 

Industrial Grade

The most concentrated and penetrating cleaner in the artificial turf industry. Eliminates 99.9999% of all organic germs, bacteria, viruses and odours found in urine and feaces. Industrial grade strength! 

How To Use

1) Remove All Solid Waste

Remove all solid waste from the surface of the area and hose down with water, leave to air dry before applying the PetLab PLUS solution.

2) Dilute Concentrate Into Pressure Gun

Dilute 50ml of the super concentrate disinfectant into a 2L pressurised garden sprayer bottle and fill the rest up with water.

3) Soak Area Thoroughly

Spray PetLab Plus generously so that it penetrates the turf surface and seeps through to the base. 

Why PetLab PLUS™ Is 100% More Effective Than Similar Products On The Market

🐾 PetLab PLUS is the most concentrated and penetrating disinfectant cleaner in the artificial turf industry.

🐾 PetLab PLUS is 50% more concentrated than other brands boosting it's cleaning power.

🐾 PetLab PLUS contains powerful plant-digesters that penetrate the turf surface and travel all the way down into the base substrate, where it will degrade and eliminate animal urine odour, germs, bacteria, viruses and other odour causing organic matter in minutes. 

🐾 PetLab PLUS is a powerful disinfectant cleaner that will eliminate urine odour and kill 99.9999% of germs, viruses and bacteria on synthetic turf and outdoor surfaces in a single application. (unlike enzyme-based cleaners that only eliminate the odour)

🐾 PetLab PLUS forms a protective layer over your synthetic turf keeping it clean, disinfected and smelling beautiful 20X longer than regular turf cleaning products.  

🐾 PetLab PLUS is 100% natural & non-toxic.


How PetLab PLUS™ Works

The Super concentrated plant-based digesters penetrate the turf surface, travel through the under layers and into the base substrate where the source of the odour originates from. The solution will follow the path of the urine and other waste matter and continue to degrade the disease and odour causing organic matter until it is permanently eliminated.

PetLab PLUS™ Can Be Applied On Fake Turf & All Outdoor Areas

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Over 50,000+ Happy Pet Owners

"This product is absolutely amazing. I used to use another brand. Never again. Not only does it smell amazing. It works like a miracle!"

Meg McLean - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"Great product. Removes stains and odours effortlessly. Have ordered some more."

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"Had tried many products before PetLab but could not get rid of odour. Pet Lab is the only product that has successfully eliminated the smell!! Very Happy!!!!"

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"Smells amazing - this product worked a treat. I’ve used it on our lawns and our backyard no longer wafts a demon."

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"Great product. Eliminated all smell on my fake grass & pavement. Can't wait to get my next bottle"

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"Best on the market, I was skeptical, but would highly recommend it. Thank you."

Arlene Tull - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"This product is amazing. I found it removes 99.9% of urine smells. This stuff is fantastic and I highly recommend it to any pet owner. I’d give more stars if I could."

Cynthia Green - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"Got to say, what ever this product is doing, is working. Love the smell."

Mark Eagles - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"I use it in the puppy pen to clean up, its great because the smell isn't overpowering, it's exactly what I wanted and it arrived quickly. I am ordering some more now."

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"Fast delivery. The product really works."

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