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The Plant-Based Cleaning Miracle That Eliminates Tough Set-In Urine Stains & Smelly Odours In Minutes

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Pet Enzyme Cleaner & Enzymatic Pet Urine Remover

The Bio-Enzymatic formula used in PetLab will work on all types of urine whether from dogs, cats, or humans. Additionally, all PetLab products are safe for you, your pets, your children and the environment.

It is a plant-based formula and contains no harsh or toxic ingredients. It is also eco-friendly, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Never spray PetLab directly on animals or humans – it is NOT tested or approved for direct use on animals or humans.

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What Are Enzymatic Cleaners & Why Is Every Pet Owner Talking About Them?

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Rid Your Home Of Dog & Cat Urine Odours The All Natural Way

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Finally a product that works! We have tried many commercialised off-the-shelf products for our incontinent Labrador who no fault of her own has frequent urine accidents around the home. Unfortunately none have worked, that is until we tried PetLab. The results are truly amazing. Highly recommended to all pet parents!

Des Baise - Labrador

The rescue was given a bottle of this when a surrender came in and we were incredibly impressed with the product and believe us when we say we had tried everything. Brilliant on the dog beds, furniture, floors and nappy bins...works like a dream!!

French bulldog rescue & adoption of Victoria


Much better than the other products ive tried in the market! Have already recommended to family and friends!


Extremely happy! Brilliant product! Thanks to PetLab the stench of dog urine in my yard has reduced significantly! Success! Will definitely buy again, very impressed

Shanz - Staffy

Does what it promises to do! Very satisfied and would recommend it. Although not a fan of vanilla scent, it is much nicer than the smell of whatever you are trying to clean.

Teri -Hungarian Visla

PetLab was a life saver! It is extremely effective at removing the odour of my cats urine. Can’t recommend this product enough!

Kris R

Our fake turf gets very smelly during summer and my dogs regularly pee on the turf. PetLab works great to freshen my turf up and remove urine stains. Brilliant product  would recommend highly.


With our synthetic turf we needed a product that removed our dogs urine stains and odours especially during the hotter months.This is the only product that actually worked.


This product works well! Removes all tough urine stains. Love the vanilla scent.

Highly recommend!


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