About Us

Hey Pet Lovers,

Welcome to our PetLab Family. 

I know you’re here for one reason and one reason only…

To find a solution to the pet problems we all experience on the daily.

Along with all of the joys, come the dirt, stains, and odours.

The single biggest pain point we experienced as pet parents was the ever growing stench of urine around our home... 

Not to mention the unsightly stains on our carpets, rugs and anywhere else where our fur babies sleep, eat & live.

We tried almost everything you can imagine... 

DIY remedies, ready to use stain and odour solutions all claiming to be the miracle we were looking for.

Nothing worked!

In fact, all they did was mask the odour with strong chemicals leaving us in the same bad smelling situation we started with.

*Bright Light went off - why not reach out to my father-in-law for some suggestions given he has 15 years experience in the commercial cleaning industry.

We got introduced to a close friend who happens to be a biochemist, we like to refer to this magician as Professor E.N.Zyme.

Our vision became really clear…

Bring to market pet cleaning products that have been battle tested on the toughest of stains and odours and ACTUALLY work.

Making pet parenting easier so you can focus on loving your furry friends just the way they deserve!

And so... the idea of PetLab was born!

It was a no brainer, with a team of experienced cleaning experts, marketing wiz, wholesaler, product developer, biochemist and most importantly obsessed animal lovers we are now proudly an ever growing passionate family owned business.

Fast forward to today, we are Australia’s #1 selling pet cleaning brand, (not to brag) but within 3 years we have been able to help over 100,000+ pet parents keep their homes sparkling clean, disinfected and odour free (seriously, check out our candid, no B**S** reviews!).

We’ve sold over 100,000+ bottles to happy pet parents, vets, rescue centres, doggy day-cares, groomers, breeders & kennels Australia wide!

You know what they say… 

“behind every successful human, is an even greater pet”

PetLab Team.