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Finally, A Pet Safe Floor Cleaner That Actually Works!

Being a pet parent means thinking of everything to make your life – and your pet’s life – better. As part of your stash of pet equipment, you need to make sure you have a pet safe floor cleaner available to deal with those unexpected and inevitable accidents.

Here at PetLab, we make it our mission to make life easier for pet parents – and we do that by finding innovative solutions to everyday problems faced by pet parents. The first problem that we wanted to solve was how to safely and effectively keep homes clean, disinfected, and odour-free – and that is what we set out to do. This led to the creation of a formula that combines a plant-based enzyme cleaner combined with an industry-leading spreading agent.

We are so confident that you will love our pet safe floor cleaner that we offer a 45-day trial and hassle-free returns.

Why has PetLab got the Best Pet Safe Floor Cleaner Available in Australia?

There are several reasons why so many people love our products. We are Australia’s number one selling pet cleaning brand – and we have a cleaner that is 100% more effective than anything similar available. This is why we are the best pet safe floor cleaner in Australia – because not only is our formula effective, but it is also 100% free from harsh chemicals.

The formula we use in our E.N.Zyme Solution is ahead of the curve. It is part of a new generation of cleaning products that do not contain any harsh chemicals yet are 100% more effective than any similar product on the market. Our all-natural floor cleaner is safe for pets because the cleaning power comes from enzymes that are created through a proprietary fermentation process using natural plant extracts.

The enzymes activate and energise ‘good’ bacteria when applied to the stain and set them to work to consume the proteins and organic matter that is causing the odour on a microbial level. This means that this enzyme cleaner destroys the source, rather than just masking it – turning the ‘bad’ bacteria into harmless water, salt, and carbon dioxide.

Included in the formula is an industry-leading spreading agent that offers 10x more surface coverage and deeper penetration. Our product works to get to the depths of your carpet, through the underlay and to the floor beneath. It is also suitable for treating cat urine and any pet waste like slobber, blood, vomit, and even faeces. You will not find a more suitable cat safe floor cleaner on the market – and that is why we are now the number one selling pet cleaning brand in Australia.

How to Use Our Animal-Friendly Floor Cleaner

Our pet safe floor disinfectant is simple and straightforward to apply and, if used as directed, we guarantee you will love the results. Although we have thoroughly tested our E.N.Zyme Solution on many water-safe surfaces, it is always best to test the pet urine enzyme cleaner on an inconspicuous area.

To begin with, remove any solid waste from the area. You need to rinse the area well with water – do not use any other chemicals or shampoos, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the enzymes. If you are cleaning a carpet or upholstery, you might want to use a carpet shampoo machine (without any additives other than water) to help make sure that the water penetrates. Remove extra water by blotting with a towel – it needs to be moist, but not soaking wet. Generously apply the E.N.Zyme Solution to the affected area. The amount you need should be enough to cover the visible stain and around 30cm further to ensure that the dog safe floor cleaner accesses every part of it.

The enzyme action will continue until the area is dry, so leave it to do the work. You don’t want the area to dry too quickly, so consider keeping it covered with a tarp or a non-porous cover. During the cleaning process, the enzymes will be consuming the source of the stain and odour, and it is normal for the small to become worse as it is working.

Once the area is dry, spray gently with water to rinse any residue.

Choose PetLab for Dog & Cat Safe Floor Disinfectants

As an Australian business, we are proud of our beautiful surroundings and we are always working on improving our processes to be more environmentally friendly. One of the biggest things we are working on is reducing our single-use plastic. We created a super-concentrated formulation for our pet friendly wood floor cleaner that is better value for our customers and uses much less plastic than it would if we sent out the same volume once diluted.

We are also dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint in all we do; so, we recycle more than 70% of the waste we generate.

Buying pet safe tile cleaner online is easy. We accept payment from VISA and Mastercard, as well as PayPal and bank transfer. If you want to spread the cost, why not take advantage of our partnership with Afterpay? You can pay in four instalments and still receive your products immediately.

Your pet safe floor disinfectant can be with you sooner than you might think – just choose Express shipping at checkout. Our shipping is Australia-wide, with flat rate Standard shipping costing just $9.95, and Express delivery for just $14.95. If you spend more than $99.00 in your transaction with us today, then you can have free standard shipping! We process orders Monday-Friday during business hours, and normal shipping takes 3-7 business days depending on your location.

Find out for yourself why pet parents all over Australia are using our E.N.Zyme Solution as their chosen pet safe floor cleaner – with a 45-day trial and hassle-free returns, you have nothing to lose.
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