How To Remove Dog Urine Smell From Carpet

If you’re a pet owner wondering how to get that dog wee smell out of your carpet, you need look no further than PetLab’s unique enzyme pet urine carpet cleaner. We have a wide-range of high-quality cleaning products available to order and bulk buy through our simple, easy to use online store.

Pet Urine and Odour Remover

Our pet urine and odour remover is the perfect remedy for the messes your furry friend leaves behind, including urine, faeces, vomit, and other organic matter. Our industry-leading spreading agent gives you 10X more coverage than the products of our competitors, enabling a deeper penetrating and more satisfying clean that eliminates stains and odours for good. Our pet urine and odour remover is also completely non-toxic, and is made from all natural, plant-based ingredients. Our safe, unique, double-strength formula contains no harsh chemicals whatsoever, meaning you can use it in your home with complete peace of mind. It’s safe for you, your family, and your pets. Even better, it’s guaranteed to work – or you get your money back.

Even though our odour remover is a very effective way to remove dog urine smell from your carpet, we’ve put this policy in place to allow you to proceed with the utmost confidence, as your satisfaction is our top priority.

Healthy Habitat Disinfectant Spray

Our Healthy Habitat Disinfectant Spray is a multi-purpose cleaner designed to suit a wide variety of health and hygiene needs. With just one use, you can eliminate odours and stains while effectively disinfecting the area, ensuring you and your loved ones (including your pets!) have a healthy, hygienic habitat! It kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs in the high-traffic areas of your home, and the simple “spray-and-go” function means that you can simply apply the product and go about your day – no rinsing required! The Healthy Habitat Disinfectant Spray, just like the Pet Urine and Odour Remover, is completely free from harsh chemicals – what’s more, it’s biodegradable, so you’ll be doing the environment a favour!

PetLab PLUS Artificial Grass/ Outdoor Cleaner

Our PetLab PLUS Artificial Grass/ Outdoor Cleaner is perfect for your turf, patio, or deck. A single use provides a deep clean and effective disinfection, and keeps your outdoor spaces fresh, and safe for the whole family. You can use it to treat a wide range of outdoor surfaces, including walls, fences, play equipment, paving, artificial turf, outdoor furniture, concrete, brick, and more! The super concentrated formula comes with a 45-day risk-free trial, and, like our other products, comes with a money-back guarantee.

Our website and online store comes with a comprehensive guide, telling you how you can get the very best out of your PetLab product. If you have any further questions, have a look at our FAQ page – we may have answered them there! But if you still can’t find the answer to your specific query, don’t worry – we have specific email addresses for customer service enquiries, wholesale enquiries, and marketing enquiries, and will be more than happy to direct you to the most appropriate department for your needs!

If we’ve convinced you (and we hope we have!) please feel free to make your very first PetLab order online today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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