A beginner’s guide to indoor dog potties

Two things get dogs Happy Dancing without fail:

  • Hearing you pull into the driveway after a long day at work.
  • Seeing his leash in your hands. (Walkies!)

Walks allow your doggo to bond with his favourite human, burn pent-up energy, and enjoy exciting scents, sights, and sounds. Oh, it also keeps funky toilet business out of the house. 😄

There's just one thing: Walks aren't always possible...

It happens. And for a whole host of reasons, too!

🔹 You have an unvaccinated/partially vaccinated puppy. The little guy shouldn't be out and about lest you expose him to nasty viruses like parvo or distemper.

🔹 You work long hours or have an alternating schedule (like shift work), which means inconsistent potty breaks.

🔹 You live in an apartment or house without a yard and don't have quick access to green spaces. Frankly, a toilet run at 2 AM is no one's idea of a good time! 😜

🔹 It's winter, and it's cold out. Or there may be inclement weather—you're not keen on getting soaked, and Fido's terrified of thunder!

🔹 Your pet is ill, or you have an elderly dog with joint or mobility issues, like osteoarthritis. Daily walks may be too strenuous.

In which case, what should you do about pee and poo?

With all of the above, your fur baby will probably relieve himself on the floor, rug, or furniture. Unless, of course, you give him an acceptable alternative: An indoor dog potty.

A dog potty is a portable (and reusable) pet toilet designed to capture urine and faeces. A backyard in a box, which you can install indoors, on your balcony, or on the patio.

Curious? Here are your indoor potty options.

Potty trays with pads

Range from basic (an open tray with a mesh rack for single-use potty pads) to dog-house chic. Think walls and ceiling for privacy, natch!

Real grass patches

Typically come in lined boxes or plastic trays, but the grass patch is environmentally friendly. Regular replacement means product and shipping costs rack up quickly.

Artificial grass dog potties

Fake turf potty patches with a removable urine collection tray. One of the more affordable options that tends to last longer. Some synthetic turf surfaces are even machine-washable!

Tree bark pads

Utilises tree bark to mimic the natural environment. Eco-friendly but can be bothersome to tend to and may be mistaken for a “toy”.

Smart potties

Self-cleaning devices with sensors to detect when your pup has gone poo-poo. The pad is fitted on a conveyor-belt-style apparatus that automatically rolls out new padding as needed. Such convenience comes with a “fancy” price tag.

Reminder: Improper dog litter box care can lead to problems like germ build-up, foul odours, and a shorter product lifespan. Good thing then that our cleaning guide is coming right up. 😉

5 steps to keep dog potties fresh and clean

Here’s how to maintain standard dog potty patches.

#1: Remove solid waste

First, clear poo off the potty patch using these USDA-certified biobased waste bags. Spot poopy bits sticking to grass blades? Wipe them off with paper towels.

#2: Empty the urine collection tray

Dogs pee several times daily, so empty the collection tray as often as required to prevent urine from overflowing.

#3: Soak in warm water

Next, dismantle* the top layer (synthetic turf pad) from the urine collection tray. Soak all pet toilet parts in warm water. If possible, do this in a utility sink or a large wash basin—not your bathtub/kitchen sink.

*Always follow the product manual.

#4: Use enzymatic cleaners

For a sanitary slam dunk, bring in the powerhouse duo of E.N. Zyme Solution Stain & Odour Remover and Outdoor / Turf Disinfectant!

First, tackle urine stains. Spray a generous amount of the enzyme solution all over the fake grass, tray, and walls. Then allow ample time for the odour-eliminating solution to soak in, work, and dry naturally.

Second, eliminate harmful microbes. When the enzymatic cleaner has dried up, apply the disinfectant. Leave all components to air dry (again) before reassembling or letting your doggy use it. This step is crucial for hygienic purposes.

If your fake grass pad is machine-washable, pre-treat the patch with the Stain & Odour Remover, then launder with our pet-safe Eco Laundry Liquid.

Tip: This Small Area Bundle is perfect for heavily-soiled indoor potty patches.

#5: Minimize smells

Keep odours under control by spraying E.N. Zyme Solution Stain & Odour Remover directly onto the synthetic grass throughout the day as needed.

Rinse and repeat as required. Yep, it's a yucky job, but someone's gotta do it. And that someone is probably you, so best get to it! 😛


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