Carpet cleaning blunders you never knew you were making

It's Saturday morning‚ÄĒthe start of your "deep cleaning" day, and your vacuum cleaner and an array of sprays are raring to go.

Today, the mission is clear: Wage war on every rebellious speck of dirt on your carpet. Because, despite all your loving care, your carpet appears to be aging in dog years. That is to say, FAST! ūüėĪ

It's not just the rough-and-tumble of daily life to blame, but the unintentional mistakes we make while cleaning that's fast-forwarding your carpet to retirement.

Costly carpet care missteps

Ready for some real talk? What follows is a quick rundown of blunders that could turn your cleaning routine into a nightmare.

1. Overusing carpet deodorisers

Frequent use of deodorising sprays and powders can accumulate grime, dulling your carpet and hastening its wear. Also, "eyeballing" it (you know you do this! ūüėČ) often results in using too much deodoriser‚ÄĒit may leave a gritty residue, which can be a struggle to remove.

2. Delaying clean up

Think messes can wait until after that must-watch cricket game on TV? Bad idea. Leaving spills as is gives them time to penetrate deeply and become lasting stains. Hoo-boy! It's best to address messes promptly for easier removal. And, while we're on the topic, learn all about removing pet stains the proper way.

3. Neglecting regular cleaning

Experts advise vacuuming your carpet one to two times a week to prevent debris from settling into the fibres. This isn't just about aesthetics‚ÄĒneglected dirt (even the superficial kind) can lead to persistent odours and stains. More abrasive particles, like sand, can wear down your carpet fibres. Maintain a consistent cleaning routine to extend your carpet's life.

4. Applying the wrong techniques

Intense scrubbing may seem like your only option (when Mum's watching... ūüĎÄ), but this approach is counterproductive. It pushes stains deeper into your carpet and causes fibre damage (due to twisting and fraying) or padding deterioration. Dealing with old or protein-based stains? Consider a gentler approach with PetLab's easy-to-use, spray-and-go Stain and Odour Remover.

5. Choosing the wrong cleaning tools

Avoid brushes with stiff bristles that could snag and ruin carpet fibres. Opt for a rubber broom and absorbent microfiber cloths to blot spills, always working from the edges inward to contain the mess‚ÄĒand preserve your carpet's integrity.

6. Over-wetting your carpet

Moisture can lead to mould, mildew, and that musty "old carpet" smell no one wants. Additionally, too much water can cause shrinkage and rug decay. Use only as much water as needed, and always let carpets dry completely.

7. Skipping spot tests

Don't assume that "multipurpose" and "multi-surface" products‚ÄĒeven eco-friendly varieties‚ÄĒare safe for all surfaces. Always do a spot test on a small, hidden corner and follow manufacturer instructions to avert disasters like "burn" marks.

8. Using harsh chemicals

Chemical cleaners are abrasive, can cause discolouration, release harmful fumes, and may even leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt and dust. They're not the household heroes they're made out to be. Instead of chemically-laden carpet shampoos, switch to a non-toxic, bio-activated solution like this top-rated, plant-based Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo for peace of mind. ‚úĆÔłŹ

9. Partial carpet cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. No wonder we focus on cleaning the spots people can see. However, this selective approach can lead to uneven wear and an inconsistent look over time. Commit to cleaning the whole carpet, guys. Not just the high-traffic or visible sections.

10. Going overboard with cleaning products

More isn't always more. In this case, it's just wasteful and more hassle. Overusing shampoos can lead to challenging rinses and potential moisture issues. Meanwhile, a cocktail of chemicals ("one for this, one for that, and one more for good measure") can be rough on delicate fibres. For optimum results, stick to the recommended dose and carpet care tips - as specified on product labels.

Anyone who has made these mistakes knows they can be heartbreaking, pricey, and exhausting to resolve. If it's even possible! But blunders are avoidable.

The longevity of your carpet lies in the details, so don't let any of these missteps turn your cleaning routine into a comedy (tragedy? ūüė≠) of errors‚ÄĒwhere the punchline is the premature aging of your once-gorgeous carpet.

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