How To Clean Fake Grass From Dog Urine

Artificial grass is practical, low maintenance and cost-effective making it a popular choice amongst homeowners. For those with pets, this brings about a problem - removing dog wee from fake grass.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here we will discuss how to clean artificial grass from dog urine - quickly, easily and efficiently.

The Best Technique For Removing Dog Urine From Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is designed to allow liquid to pass through to the ground beneath, ensuring nothing gets trapped in the grass. This is a fantastic feature but it doesn’t remove the smell of dog urine on the fake grass. That requires some attention. The optimum method for removing the smell is:

Using an Enzymatic Cleaner to Neutralize the Odour - Here’s How…

  1. It is important to jump into action as quickly as possible by hosing the area with water
  2. Leave it to air dry whilst you prepare your Enzymatic cleaning solution
  3. Cover the area with a thorough coating, allowing the solution to penetrate deep into the artificial grass
  4. Allow time for the solution to work its magic
  5. Inspect the area - some stains may require multiple treatments to completely remove the odour

Common home-made solutions include a vinegar and water mix, which are great for an immediate solution; however, home owners commonly find that the smell will return in the coming days. Enzymatic cleaners are optimal because they work to break down the urine molecule to completely neutralize the smell; eliminating the problem rather than just masking it.

Choose a Cleaning Product That Has Proven Results

With various cleaning products out there, it can be hard to choose which one to buy. One of the most popular choices is PetLab’s Artificial Grass Disinfectant and Enzyme Odour Remover. The Enzyme Cleaner removes urine, faeces and vomit; neutralizing the smell, and the disinfectant is applied afterwards to eliminate bacteria and viruses that may have been left behind. When cleaning artificial turf from dog urine, rest assured that you are guaranteed a comprehensive clean with PetLab.

Boasting an abundance of five star reviews, our products have been proven to have amazing results every time. Use to clean existing stains as well as a preventative method for future accidents. A natural, plant-based solution that is free from harmful chemicals, PetLab products are safe to use around family and pets.

Be Prepared So You Can Take Action As Soon As Incidents Occur

Equip yourself with PetLab’s disinfectant and odour remover and stay prepared to take action as soon as your dog has done its business. Don’t let lingering odours stop you from sitting out and relaxing in your own garden. With PetLab, keep your outdoor area smelling fresh all year round.

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