How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell Outside

Every dog owner with a backyard will know the struggle of your dog doing its business everywhere when you let it out. The droppings are pretty easy to pick up and throw away, but what do you do about the urine? Spraying it down with the garden hose doesn’t cut it. Not only is the urine very smelly, it’s also very unsanitary. Here’s how to get rid of the dog urine smell outside.

Don’t focus only on the smell

Yes, you might get rid of the bad odour by planting nice-smelling flowers or otherwise masking it, and there are several products that can help you eliminate the smell of urine. However, this isn’t your only issue. Dog urine can contain harmful bacteria, germs and viruses that you don’t want in your yard, where it’s exposed to your dog or even to any children you might have. Besides, it’s not something you want to drag inside when you walk barefoot on the grass during summer. Additionally, repeated urinating can damage the artificial turf on your lawn or any plants you might have. These are all reasons why it’s important to choose a product that not only treats the odour but also cleans and disinfects, such as PetLab Plus.

Check what the surface is

When choosing the product to use, it’s important to make sure that the enzymatic cleaner is appropriate for the specific kind of surface you need to use it on. Where does your dog like to pee; on the grass, the porch, the kennel? PetLab Plus is usually a safe bet, as it can be used on all kinds of surfaces, including artificial turf, concrete, brick and wood. You can use it on the lawn, kennel, fence, outdoor furniture and more.

Clean up the yard

The first step once the cleaner has been purchased and you’re ready to use it is to remove all solid waste from the backyard. Sweep up any leaves and other mess, and then proceed to hose down the areas you want to clean with water. Leave this to air dry before you use PetLab Plus.

Read the instructions

Depending on what cleaner you’ve gone for, the directions for use might be different. Make sure you follow them and know what to do. For example, PetLab Plus needs to be diluted with water, so use the right ratio of water to cleaner. This should be done in a garden sprayer bottle or similar to make the application process easier for yourself. The preparations required will vary, so don’t assume that one product will work the same way as one you’ve used previously, or you might not get the results you’re after.

Use your cleaner

Spray your product generously onto the affected areas, making sure they’re fully soaked. If you’re cleaning artificial grass or rocks, check that you use enough cleaner that it soaks through the surface of turf or rocks. PetLab Plus works by seeping through the layers to the substrate at the very base, which is the source of the odour. It will then degrade the matter causing the odour. Once the spraying has been done, leave the product to dry and repeat as necessary. The requirement of repeated treatments doesn’t mean the product isn’t working, it’s just a natural consequence of the stain being very old or heavy or other previously used cleaning products interfering with the process

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