How To Remove Dog Urine Smell From Fake Grass

There is nothing worse than sitting outside on a sunny afternoon and noticing that your artificial grass stinks of dog pee. The pungent, distinctive odour is hard to ignore when you are trying to relax. Here we will discuss how to remove dog urine smell from fake grass, restoring your garden into a clean, fresh haven.

Dog Urine Can Smell Stronger During the Warmer Months

Especially during the spring and summer months, you will notice that your artificial turf smells like urine. This is due to the moisture in the warmer, more humid air. When dried urine comes into contact with water, ammonia gas is released which causes the unpleasant smell.

Pet owners will be happy to know that eliminating the dog urine smell from fake grass is relatively quick, easy and effortless with the help of an enzymatic cleaner and disinfectant. The best product available? PetLab’s Artificial Grass and Outdoor Area Disinfectant and Enzyme Odour Remover.

How Does It Work?

An enzymatic cleaner and disinfectant combination works to actually eliminate the root of the smell rather than just masking it. Many home-made solutions simply cover up the smell, only for it to return after a few days. Products that neutralize the odour and destroy the bacteria will provide a permanent solution.

PetLab offer a solution that comes in 2 parts:

The Enzyme Odour Remover

This works to break down the molecules that make up the urine, eliminating the problem at the source. If you are looking to remove the dog urine smell from fake grass, an enzymatic cleaner is the best way forward. With clear instructions on each bottle, simply wet the area, spray as advised and repeat as necessary.


The second part of the process is to spray the artificial grass and outdoor area disinfectant. This kills harmful bacteria, viruses and germs that may be left over, leaving your garden looking and smelling like new. Use after applying the enzyme odour remover for long-lasting, effective results.

It is important to remember that the smell will intensify when adding water to the area for treatment. This is completely normal and comes as part of the process. Once you have treated the affected area, the odour will be eliminated, leaving fresh smelling artificial grass.

Some Handy Tips and Advice

There are certain preventative steps that you can take to make cleaning artificial grass easier. These include:

  • Taking action to treat the area as soon as the incident has occurred
  • Spraying the area regularly for on-going maintenance
  • Speaking to your turf provider about the best deodorizers and membranes for your garden

These techniques will not only reduce the risk of your fake grass smelling, but they will also deter your dog from doing its business in the area again.

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