How To Remove Pet Urine Around The House

Every pet owner has had to deal with the occasional indoor accident. The reasons behind your dog urinating in the house can vary. Perhaps they are still in the early stages of house training, maybe they have an underlying condition or possibly they are just overly excited and cannot control themselves. Whatever the reason, know that there is an easy solution to remove dog urine.

Here we will discuss the best way to treat fresh dog wee stains and preventative methods to minimize future incidents.

Soak up as much as possible

It is very important to act as quickly as possible once your dog has had an accident. Make sure that you blot any excess urine and make the area as dry as possible. Use paper towels, apply firm pressure when cleaning and dispose in an external trash can so the smell doesn't linger.

Use an enzymatic cleaner from PetLab

The fantastic benefit of using an enzymatic cleaner is that it breaks down the urine molecules to neutralize the stain. PetLab is a popular choice as it works to cover a wide surface and penetrate deeper than other cleaners. It is also free from harsh chemicals to protect your carpet and underlay.

When using PetLab, it is important to wash the area with clean water and blot dry before applying the solution. You should then generously apply before leaving the product to work its magic, making sure the area does not dry too quickly.

Aerate the room

We have all experienced the lingering smell of dog pee so it goes without saying that the room needs to be adequately aerated to let the fresh air flow. The odour-ridden air will be carried out and oxygen-rich air will be left in its place.

Preventative Techniques to Protect Your Home

It is likely that your dog will have another accident at some stage in the future so here are some techniques to adopt to reduce a lengthy cleaning process, should this happen.

Replace Rugs or Carpets

If your pet is prone to accidents, it may be time to change your rugs or carpets. Consider hard flooring such as vinyl or laminate and choose rugs that are less thick and absorbent. When cleaning, this will save you time and stress in the long run.

Consider Re-Training Your Dog

To maintain less accidents, you should be continuously reinforcing house training with your dog. Letting them outdoors more often and taking them for more walks will encourage them to do their business outside and leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

Change Their Diet

Certain foods result in stronger smelling dog urine. A small change in your pet’s diet may reduce odours.

Preparation Is Key

Dog urination in your home is something that you can’t fully prevent. But when it happens, make sure you have PetLab Stain and Odour Remover by your side. Treating both old and new stains, your house will be clean and fresh in no time.

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