Next-level cleanliness: Why enzymatic products are taking over

Who says you need literal muscle to fight muck? Enzyme-based cleaners are the subtle ninjas of the cleaning world—safe, savvy, and sustainable—without the nasty components and byproducts.

In this article, discover why, when it comes to spotless homes, the best offence is powerful enzymes for defence.

The pros of enzyme-based cleaning products

Clean, green, and mean! To dirt, germs, and unwanted odours, that is. 😉 Here are seven reasons to swap traditional household cleaning solutions for enzymatic products.

#1: They work, work, and work

Enzymatic cleaners operate on a molecular level to resolve stains and odours in a way that conventional cleaners can't.

No shade—it's just science!

Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions. Organic waste (no matter how big or small) gets broken down into smaller particles that become easy-to-digest "food" for good bacteria. During this process, messes transform into carbon dioxide and water.

The best part is that enzymes are long-acting. They stay active and do their job even after mopping or wiping an area.

✔️ PetLab Advantage: Redefine hygiene—and domestic bliss when you have pets—with our new proprietary ingredient that provides up to 10x more surface coverage, deeper penetration, and prolonged evaporation.

#2: Enzymes are safer around the house, office, or factory

Unlike the acids, alkalis, and petrochemicals used in other household products, enzymatic cleaners are near or pH-neutral, don't contain hazardous ingredients, create toxic byproducts, or produce harmful fumes.

That means they're better for indoor air quality, less likely to trigger allergies and respiratory issues, and compatible for use in poorly ventilated areas.

Plus, they rarely cause discolouration, fading, or damage to surfaces like expensive floors, carpets, fabrics, and natural stone countertops.

Finally, most enzyme cleaning solutions are non-combustible. They're not fire hazards!

✔️ PetLab Advantage: PetLab products are 100% chemical-free and non-toxic to people, pets, and the planet.

#3: You can use them around children and pets

Fact: Kids and pets have sensitive skin.

Also true: They're unpredictable, cheeky, infinitely curious, and more likely to gain unwanted access to cleaning products when Mum's not looking. 👀

From accidental spills (and ingestion) to skin contact and allergic reactions to harsh chemicals - enzyme cleaning products pose an all-around lower risk to our loved ones.

✔️ PetLab Advantage: Our cleaning solutions are 100% plant-based. That means no horrifying side effects from exposure and no noteworthy warning labels to worry about either! View our safety data sheets for more information.

#4: They're subtle on scent

Compared to classic cleaning solutions, enzymatic products don't inconvenience people and pets with sensitivities to strong scents and artificial perfumes. Why? Enzymes don't need overpowering fragrances to mask odours—they eliminate them!

✔️ PetLab Advantage: PetLab products are practically odourless or have faint and naturally occurring smells (mild lemongrass, soothing vanilla) that are pleasing to you and unbothersome to pets.

#5: They save you money

Enzymatic products are highly efficient because they're specially formulated with carefully selected enzymes and beneficial bacteria. They tackle distinct problems like odours, stains, and disinfection. Think precision targeting versus carpet bombing.

So, while some standard cleaning products may cost less upfront, your expenses typically add up due to unintended consequences and collateral damage from harsh chemicals. Plus, you'll need more product, repeat washes, and extra cleaning cycles to achieve what enzymes can do with less.

(Did we mention the cost of replacing damaged materials and surfaces? Because, YIKES! 😱)

✔️ PetLab Advantage: Our products are 50% more concentrated than similar products. That boosted cleaning power means you can use less and still get more out of it! We also developed them to work on most surfaces in and outside the home. In short, one enzymatic product can serve double duty and replace multiple conventional products.

#6: Enzymes are better for the environment (for real)

No greenwashing here. Enzymatic products actually deliver. They're often biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic, which means less burden on our waterways and wildlife. Enzymes also function in cold water. Woohoo to saving energy! 🙌

✔️ PetLab Advantage: We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that PetLab products are certified organic, vegan-friendly, and eco-friendly.

#7: They're sustainable

Companies producing enzymatic cleaners are more likely to care about sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, including focusing on recyclable or upcycled packaging. 

✔️ PetLab Advantage: We're proudly Aussie-made (lower carbon footprint from transportation) and committed to reducing the need for single-use plastics, landfill contribution, and excess waste with our packaging.

Ready to forget the old scrub-and-chemical warfare on household messes? Today's eco-hero is the enzyme cleaner. Make the switch now!


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