Surprising places you can use a rubber broom

Ever stumble upon a tool so versatile it becomes your go-to for countless tasks around the house, backyard, garage, and beyond?

A cleaning companion as adaptable (and reliable) as the wide range of tasks you have to tackle?

A true household hero that won't have you dreading spills, pet hair, and the tedious aftermath of DIY projects?

Introducing PetLab's humble yet indispensable Pet Hair Rubber Broom: A game changer guaranteed to revolutionise your cleaning routine!

The tool you need if you have a love-hate relationship with cleaning

From the subtle art of capturing evasive pet hairs to the robust action required for outdoor maintenance, this broom is more than your standard sweeping implement. It's the silent powerhouse you never knew you needed!

Let me explain.

✔️ It has flexible and durable bristles, so you can skilfully get into challenging crevices without breaking your back.

✔️ The 120cm long body allows you to reach up high.

✔️ It's ultra-lightweight, meaning you conserve strength, time, and effort. (The best way to not hate cleaning is to get it over and done with quickly and effectively!)

✔️ Never worry about how to sanitise your broom after contact with gross and clingy messes. Just rinse and wash—these bristles are sturdy and won't lose shape.

✔️ It's a cost-effective and space-saving gadget: One tool only for dry and wet messes, hard and soft surfaces, inside and outside.

Unexpected areas you can use your PetLab Rubber Broom

To prove our point, here are some of the more surprising places our customers and team has (successfully) used the PetLab Rubber Broom. Other than our floors and carpets, that is. 😉

✨ Couch & curtains

See all that lint, fuzz, and pet hair build-up? The broom's rubber bristles create an electrostatic charge that clumps them all together—in one go—for convenient removal.

✨ Windows

Like curtains, windows get dirty fast. There's pollution, pollen, and dust in the air. Then rain creates unsightly streaks and smudges!

But there's an easy fix for those timeless woes—and you won't have to lean precariously out the window to achieve it! 😝

Namely, use the squeegee side of your rubber broom to wash and wipe your windows down. Meanwhile, the detachable broom head can clear loose dirt and debris from window tracks.

✨ Skylights/roof windows

Skylights and roof windows are more challenging to reach. They're also prone to blemishes. Fortunately, your PetLab Rubber broom can brush dirt and debris (including leaves and twigs) away and squeegee condensation off without the risk of scratches!

⚠️ Please exercise caution and have proper safety mechanisms to prevent accidental falls.

✨ Walls & baseboards

From annoying cobwebs in various corners to dust and soot discolouring your walls, your rubber broom's combination bristles with built-in squeegee blade streamline the cleaning process.

✨ Pet kennel/travel crate

Pet messes don't stand a chance against the PetLab broom!

1. The flexible rubber bristle system—with alternating bristle size—acts like a magnet on pet hair and accompanying dander.

2. The squeegee blade is a painless (and contact-free) way to get stubborn messes out.

Translation: Nothing left behind!

Three steps to clean your fur baby's crate:

1. Remove pet hair and dander.

2. Treat urine stains and odour with a trusted enzymatic cleaner.

3. Disinfect with Healthy Habitat.

✨ Bathroom

Looking for a bathroom cleaning assistant? Effortlessly contain fallen hairs, then trust the broom's stable bristles when it's time to agitate built-up grime on grout lines. Plus, the squeegee side is perfect on tiled walls and funnelling excess water into the drain ASAP.

✨ Car windows

Whether for your daily commute or a long-distance road trip - bring this broom to brush off all kinds of environmental dirt and debris from the front and rear windscreens and passenger-side windows.

✨ Garage/carport

When your tires bring mud, grit, dirt, and gravel back into your garage, sweep it all out of the way with your rubber broom! You can even use it on oil and other fluid spills.

✨ Patio/terrace/balcony

Outdoor spaces get exposed to the elements, day in and day out. Need to spiff those areas up in a flash? Your broom can clear fallen leaves, soil, rain puddles, and other messes in time for this afternoon's visitors.

✨ Pool deck

Prevent slips and falls by keeping your pool deck area spick and span. While there's more to do to keep the area mould and algae-free, it all begins with brushing leaves, twigs, and fallen debris away. Fortunately, PetLab's Rubber Broom is heavy-duty—it works on hard surfaces like concrete, brick, and natural stone.

What did I tell you? This broom is a real all-rounder! Consider this your sign to get one. 😄


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