The Best Way To Clean Dog Urine On Carpet

Our dogs bring so much unmitigated joy and laughter to our lives. Whether you share your home with a loyal, intelligent collie, a lovable bulldog, a spirited terrier, a pampered poodle, a protective German Shepherd, or a galloping Great Dane, dogs of all ages and personalities quickly and irrevocably become lifelong members of our families. They stay with us throughout the years and decades, repaying the food, shelter, and enrichment we provide with unconditional love and devotion.

But there’s no denying the cold, hard facts.(Or maybe that should be the steaming, wet, yellow facts….) Our furry friends urinate. And sometimes, they don’t make it outside. Now, we understand that you don’t want dog pee on your carpet.

But consider the following:

When you bring a new puppy home, and begin the toilet training process, your little buddy is bound to make some mistakes as he or she learns the ropes of where it is and it isn't acceptable to go to the toilet.

Alternatively, you might have an ageing or poorly trained dog who’s suffering from forgetfulness, incontinence, or pain that means he or she can’t always hold it until they go outside. Finally, did you know that sometimes, when you bring a new animal (or even a new person) into your home, even a toilet-trained dog can regress, and start urinating as a way of marking their territory?

Our point is that your dog – whether he or she is a playful young pup or a grey old hound – deserves love, compassion, and a healthy, clean environment, free of urine scents and stains (for that matter, so do you!).

That’s where the team at PetLab comes in.

If you’ve been looking for a superior, reliable product to help you remove dog urine from your carpet, we’ve got you covered. With our Pet Odour and Urine Remover, cleaning dog pee from your carpet is a breeze. Say goodbye to the smells and stains of urine, faeces, and vomit – our new generation enzyme formula tackles and effectively eliminates all organic matter, giving you peace of mind no matter what type of mess your dog might leave. Our non-toxic, plant-based, all-natural formula could not be safer for you, your family, animals, or the environment, making it the best way to clean dog pee off carpet. Our industry-leading spreading agent technology gives you 10x more coverage than with other products, saving you lots of money, time, and effort in the long run – particularly if you use our simple and convenient online story to bulk buy all the products you could possibly need to remove dog pee from your carpet. But if you’re not 100% happy (though we think you will be) PetLab is proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We offer an indoor urine cleaner, a multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner, and an outdoor cleaner for gardens, patios, and decking.

You can trust PetLab’s unique, double-strength enzyme cleaner. So what are you waiting for? Get dog pee out of carpet with the best dog urine carpet cleaner on the market today.

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