Tips For Cleaning Dog Vomit From Wool Carpet

If you’ve been searching for help cleaning dog vomit from your wool carpet, PetLab is here to help.

First, Let’s Look at a Common Myth…

Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to clean your wool carpet by wetting it. Provided you do so properly, and go through the recommended cleaning steps, this will not cause the carpet fibres to shrink. However, considering that wool is highly-absorbent, we advise you not to over-soak your wool carpet in water or product, as just a little bit of our Pet Urine and Odour Remover goes an incredibly long way! This is because its new generation bio-enzyme cleaner formula targets all organic matter, including urine, faeces, vomit, and more. It ‘absorbs’ and ‘eats’ it until your pet’s mess is completely eradicated, leaving you with an effectively disinfected, hygienic, sweet-smelling, and stain-free home.

Other harsh, chemical products – like bleach – can severely damage or stain your wool carpets, and should be avoid, whereas PetLab’s Pet Urine and Odour Remover is made of 100% all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, meaning it’s perfectly safe and appropriate for your wool carpets, your family, and your pets.

Treating Fresh Stains

  • First of all, blot up and remove any excess organic matter.
  • Apply water to the affected area – but don’t oversaturate it. Use just enough water to rinse and wipe away the initial residue.
  • Now, you must extract as much of the excess liquid as possible. A carpet shampooer or wet dry vac is the most effective way to achieve the result you want.
  • Once the affected area is moist, but no longer wet or oversaturated, apply PetLab to the surrounding area (of about 30cm), working inwards towards the centre of the stain.
  • Now, simply leave to dry. The bio-enzymatic process is still occurring through the drying stage, so don’t clear away PetLab too prematurely. The drying process can also be slowed down (giving the enzymes more time to do their work) with a tarp or other non-porous material.

Treating Old, Stubborn Stains

  • Reactivate the stain by re-wetting it, but do not add chemicals or other products. This can severely mitigate the cleansing effects of PetLab, and damage your wool carpets.
  • As stated above, remove the excess water.
  • Apply PetLab, and cover the area with a tarp or non-porous material to prevent premature drying.
  • Please note that particularly stubborn stains may take more than one treatment, but stick at it – it will work if you persist!


“Why Is There Still a Stain or Smell?”

If, after you’ve used PetLab for the first time, you notice a remaining stain or smell, ask yourself if you’ve previously used another cleaning product in the area. If so, the area needs to be completely free of other cleaning products for the enzymes in PetLab to reach their full efficiency. It may also just be that the stain is a very stubborn one, and may take several PetLab treatments.

“Will PetLab Deter My Pet From Urinating in The Same Spot?”

PetLab doesn’t contain a deterrent that will actively put your pets off urinating in the same area. However, it attacks the smell of the offending organic matter at it’s core, meaning that there’ll be no lingering scent to attract your pets back.

For your wool carpet cleaning needs, you can rely on PetLab, so feel free to browse our online shop and reach out today.

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