How Thousands of Pet Parents Are Eliminating Ground-In Carpet Stains & Lingering Odours FOR GOOD…Without Any Nasty Chemicals!

Professional Cleaning Technology…Now
Available for Use at Home?

  • Erases embarrassing stains
  • Banishes lingering odour
  • Works in all brands of carpet cleaners
  • Safe for Pets – plant-based, no toxins
  • Renews carpet fibres, lifting dirt & hair
  • Saves money – no professional fees

Professional carpet cleaners have professional strength cleaning products at their disposal. And most people call in the pros when they have caked in stains and lingering odours.

But professional carpet cleaners have two problems:

First off, they’re expensive. You pay big bucks to squeeze into their schedule, and then you hope that your kids aren’t sick, you can stay home from work, and that the house isn’t a mess when it’s carpet cleaning day.

The biggest problem for a lot of people is that professional carpet cleaners get good results because they use harsh chemicals.

It’s true.

Thankfully, one Australian company has designed a plant-based, nontoxic, chemical-free, certified organic carpet cleaner shampoo. And the results rival professional carpet cleaning companies.

Who is This Best For?

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo by Pet Lab is perfect for anyone who wants clean carpet. ESPECIALLY if it’s a pet-friendly home who values health-conscious, earth-conscious products.

The best part? Even if stains are old and stubborn, or have lingering odours, this product penetrates 10x deeper and wider into the fabric, eliminating the source of the problem.

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo works in all makes and models of carpet cleaners and shampooers. The formula is safe for all types of carpet and upholstery fibres, including wool, acrylic, cotton, and blends.

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Whether you catch a whiff of pee every time you come down the stairs…

Cringe at the sight of your stained carpet…

Or gasp at the cost of professional carpet cleaning…

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is the fastest, most affordable way to have a clean, fresh-smelling house!

Don’t Have to Replace Carpet!

I have spot tested my Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo on an old dark stain in the office (cream carpet). The stain has completely disappeared leaving a bright, as new appearance.


It's completely removed the pet odour from my rug, my living area smells fantastic so a huge thank you 🤩

Love, love this product!

It worked for some bad stains in my carpet that I previously had been unable to remove with a big name product…this is much better for the health of my family too than the chemical laden products on the market.

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Step 1: How this Removes Stains & Attacks Odours

  • Works with any carpet cleaning or shampooing machine.
  • Penetrates 10x deeper & wider into carpet/upholstery fibres.
  • Seeks out stains & odours, eliminating them out at the source.

Here’s how Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is different than other DIY carpet cleaning formulas:

The trademarked Double Strength Formula uses a proprietary natural fermentation process. This makes the plant-based ingredients bio-activated, so they are more effective and also far more eco-friendly than other products. 

But that’s not all. THis special formula penetrates 10x deeper and wider into the fabric, so it gets to the source of the stains and odours.

And that’s not even the biggest benefit…because

Step 2: A Long-Term Clean & Healthy Home is Yours!


The biggest benefit to Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is that it can actually eliminate your pet’s “accident” spot!

That’s because the penetrating formula gets to the root of pee stains: the odour-causing uric crystals. Those crystals are what attract your pet to pee in the same spot over and over again.

When Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo roots out every last uric crystal, your pet won’t smell their past pee markings. Which all but eliminates their desire to return to the scene of the crime!

Other products can’t remove all the “evidence,” or they leave behind a sticky residue. But Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo leaves your carpet and upholstery…

Spotless, fresh-smelling, and revived.

Just one bottle of Double Strength Formula™ Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo can deep clean up to 200 sqm of carpet.

That’s 25 rooms cleaned from just one bottle!

Along with removing stains and odours, it deep cleans away layers of pet hair, dirt, germs, and filth. 

And by using the proprietary penetrating formula, it gets rid of extensive stains and lingering odours that other products can’t.

The result? Lasting relief from stains, odours, and continuous pee accidents. 

Because lifting up the dirt and pet hair from the carpet fibres helps reduce wear and tear of fibres. It makes the carpet look fluffed and renewed. 

And you can rest easy knowing that your carpet has been disinfected, all the germs were sucked up with the dirt, stains, and hair.

BUT…Lots of People Make This Mistake…

Other cleaning products simply cannot get to the root of the smells and stains.

  • They do not get deep enough into the fibres to fully remove stains and bad odours.
  • They use dangerous chemicals, leaving the carpet unsafe to touch, sticky, or stiff.



  • Can’t Eliminate Stains & Odours
  • If It’s Effective, It’s Not Safe

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo


  • 10x Deeper & Wider Penetration
  • Effective AND Safe

That’s why Pet Lab created Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo:

There are three reasons Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is the best way to keep your pet-friendly home clean and sanitary:

  • It’s effective – it fully removes stains & odours from the root
  • It saves money and time for pet owners
  • It’s safe for both humans & pets

#1 It Completely Uproots Stains & Odours. No Lingering Smells or Spots.

Easily delivers cleaning power 10x deeper into the carpet to root out bad smells and stains.

Other Cleaning Products


Stains and smells remain, the carpet texture is sticky or crunchy.

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo


No leftover stains or smells, the carpet is soft and fresh.

This means Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is faster and easier than other solutions.

No more endless “spotting” smelly spots in the carpet or “touching up” lingering stains. One deep cleaning with Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo does the trick.

UPDATE: this product is currently on sale for 30% off! To take advantage of this promotion, check here for availability.

This formula doesn’t fade your carpet or upholstery, and won’t cause “wear and tear” like some harsh products can.

On the contrary, Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo revitalises your carpet so it looks better than ever.

#2 It’s A Wallet-Friendly Solution.

Because it’s so powerful, Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo saves pet owners lots of time and money.


  • NOT having to shampoo the same area over and over
  • NOT hiring a professional carpet cleaner
  • NOT replacing carpet or furniture
  • NOT buying multiple products to find something that actually works
  • NOT being embarrassed when people step onto stained carpet or sit on stinky sofa

Average Money or Time Saved With Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

  • 🕙 HOURS of time
  • 💰 Hundreds of dollars
  • 💰 Thousands of dollars
  • 🕙 Hours of time and 💰 Hundreds
  • 😅 Priceless

Unique Features: Pet owners love that this formula is

  • Super concentrated, so one bottle cleans up to 200 sqm!
  • It’s bio-activated, so it’s super safe for humans and pets. No toxins whatsoever!

#3 It Doesn’t Sacrifice Safety for the Appearance Of Cleanliness.


Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is bio-activated, so it’s super safe for humans and pets. 

It is plant-based, 100% biodegradable, cruelty free, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and hypo allergenic. No toxins whatsoever! 

So you can feel good about laying down on the floor right next to your furry friend.

Other carpet “cleaning” solutions might get out the stains…

But they replace the stains with chemicals, toxins, and sticky or crunchy-feeling carpet. No thanks!

Other Cleaning Products

  • ?  Remove Stains & Odours
  • 👎 Use Toxic Chemicals
  • 👎 Make Carpet Feel Sticky or Crunchy

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

  • Removes Stains & Odours
  • Uses 100% Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Softens & Renews Carpet
Why is Eco Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Recommended?

Simply put, Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo just works better than other solutions on the market. 

It works in all kinds of carpet shampooers. It uses a powerful plant-based formulation to penetrate 10x deeper and wider to completely eradicate smells and stains.

It removes dirt, germs, and pet hair to renew and revive carpet fibres, making carpet look refreshed and fluffed, NOT worn out or faded.

It’s concentrated and effective, so it saves money and time.

And it is super safe for humans and pets.

Where Can I Order PET LAB Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo?

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is available on the PET LAB website. 

They have a next day dispatch policy within Australia, and most orders arrive within 5 working days. 

This product is in stock and ON SALE now! 

Don’t miss your chance to have clean-looking, fresh smelling carpet & upholstery!

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This product has already sold over 10,000+ in Australia, and is in danger of selling out.


How to Use Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo?

Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo is easy to use and requires just one treatment to get out most stains and odours – even old stains and lingering smells.


Add the suggested amount of Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo to your carpet cleaning machine.


Shampoo carpet or upholstery as directed by your machine’s manufacturer.


Enjoy living in your refreshed space!

A note for readers:

We have been blown away by the results we got from Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo, and we want everyone to experience the invigorating feeling of clean, odour-free carpets and furniture. 

We truly hope that you love Eco Carpet Cleaner Shampoo as much as we do!