Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where does PetLab ship?

    We offer shipping within Australia. For international orders, please contact us to discuss shipping options and additional fees that may apply.

  • What is the shipping cost?

    FREE delivery on orders $99 or greater anywhere in Australia.

    Standard delivery $12 for orders under $99 & express delivery $15.

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    We have a next day dispatch policy, excluding weekends and orders placed after 4pm EAST.

    Australian orders will usually arrive within 5 working days. Deliveries to remote or rural areas may take longer. We’ll send you relevant tracking numbers once your order is dispatched.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    We accept secure payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, ApplePay or by direct bank transfer. We also offer instalment payments via AfterPay and PayPal.

    Please note you cannot use AfterPay on subscription orders.

  • Can I cancel or modify my order after I have placed it?

    Yes, you can modify or cancel your order before it has been dispatched from our warehouse. If you need to make any changes, please contact us immediately or text us on 0478 961 062 for urgent requests. However, once your order has been dispatched, it cannot be modified or cancelled. If you wish to make any changes after dispatch, you will need to follow our refund/exchange policy.

    On our receipt of your returned order we will action your request accordingly.

  • What if the product is out of stock?

    To ensure transparency, all out of stock products are reflected on our website. We recommend subscribing to our email database to be the first to know when the product is back in stock.

    If, unfortunately, we run out of stock of the product after you've made a purchase, don't worry, we will notify you via email. You will then have the option to either wait until the product is back in stock or request an exchange of product or a refund in accordance with our refund/exchange policy..

  • How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

    You can manage your subscription by logging into the ‘my account’ section or clicking on manage your subscription link in the footer navigation. Alternatively, you can simply click on this link: https://pet-lab.com.au/a/account/login

    Please note we do not accept returns/refunds on subscription orders that have not been amended prior to dispatch.

  • Do you offer refunds or returns?

    PetLab products have a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied, please contact us here with your order number and the problem you are experiencing. We will escalate it to a product specialist to assist. If the product still does not meet your expectations, and we are satisfied you have followed the application directions, PetLab will request you to return the item/s and upon receipt you will be refunded in full excluding shipping costs.

    For lost, damaged, or returned items, contact us with your order number and we'll investigate and replace if necessary.

    Please note we do not cover return shipping costs, unless it is a fault of ours.

  • Can I use more than one discount code per order?

    No. Only one discount code is permitted per order.

  • Discount code never worked?

    Check you have applied the discount code correctly at checkout.

    Please note discount codes will not apply to items purchased on subscription and are only eligible on one-time orders.


  • What is PetLab stain & odour remover?

    PetLab enzyme solution is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and enzymes formulated specifically to treat and completely remove stains and odours caused by urine, feaces, vomit, slobber and any other mess from animals and humans. The formula works to break down and completely remove the odour causing matter, thereby removing the stain and odour completely. Not just masking it.

  • How is PetLab different from other similar products on the market?

    PetLab uses a proprietary enzyme formula produced through a natural fermentation process and not "manufactured" in a laboratory. This makes the product far more natural and eco-friendly. In addition our blend of enzymes are carefully selected specifically for their appetite to consume organic waste and uric acid crystals. The formula also includes a proprietary wetting agent additive for increased surface coverage and deeper penetration – It may take more time to make a product as highly specialised and concentrated as PetLab - but the results are worth it!

  • What are the ingredients?

    PetLab's enzyme stain and odour remover is a proprietary fermented formula blended with natural microorganisms and surfactants. It contains fermentation-produced enzymes, inorganic salts, organic compounds, non-ionic surfactants derived from natural materials, and demineralized or deionized water.

  • What fragrance does it have?

    Naturally derived Vanilla fragrance

  • What is the difference between ready-to-use and the concentrates?

    PetLab ready-to-use products require no further dilution and come in 750ml, 1L, and 5L sizes. Concentrates come in 300ml and 2L bottles and need to be diluted according to instructions.

  • What are the dilution ratios for concentrates?

    To use the concentrate, mix 50ml with 950ml of water. Rinse out any other cleaning products first to avoid contamination, and add the water before the concentrate to avoid over-foaming.

  • Why does my enzyme solution smell like it has gone off?

    PetLab's natural product may degrade if the container is not sealed correctly, contaminated, or stored improperly. It is important to store PetLab in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals.

    Please note this does not impact the effectiveness of the product.

  • Does PetLab Urine Stain & Odour Remover work for new & old carpet stains?

    Yes, PetLab can work on both new and old carpet stains, but the instructions for treatment differ. In all cases it is best to treat as soon as possible to avoid staining. Important to test for colour fastness or other damage on an inconspicuous area before full treatment. For detailed instructions visit our how to use here: https://pet-lab.com.au/pages/how-to-use-petlab-urine-stain-odour-remover

  • What if I have already used other detergents, chemicals or DIY remedies previously?

    It is important to flush out any residue from previously applied products before using PetLab to ensure its effectiveness.

  • Why is the odour even stronger after using PetLab?

    Don't be alarmed if the smell gets stronger after applying PetLab. This means the enzymes have made contact with the urine and are working to break down the odour-causing crystals and bring them to the surface. This is more noticeable when treating older stains or heavily soiled areas.

  • I have used it according to the instructions and the smell/stain is still there. Any suggestions?

    If you have followed the instructions but the odour/stain persists, here are some possible reasons and solutions:

    • Residue from previous cleaning products may be blocking the enzymes. Make sure to extract or flush out any remaining residue before using PetLab.
    • The visible stain may not be the only affected area. Treat a wider area to ensure full contact with all the odour-causing matter below the surface.
    • Use enough PetLab solution to saturate the area being treated. Estimate the amount based on the volume of urine deposited.
    • Enzymes need time to work. Keep the area moist for as long as possible and avoid premature evaporation by treating at the coolest time of day or covering with a plastic tarp in warm temperatures.
    • Pre-treat with PetLab before shampooing or steam cleaning the carpet to avoid spreading the urine throughout the entire area.
    • For older stains repeat applications may be necessary.
  • Will it prevent my pet from returning to the same spot?

    PetLab is not formulated to repel or deter animals but because it completely removes the source of the odour it will discourage returning to the same spot.

  • Does it work for cats, dogs and human urine stains?

    PetLab works for all types of urine whether from cats, dogs, other animals, or humans

  • Can I use it for my cat's litter box?

    Yes! You can use PetLab Stain & Odour Remover for your cat's litter box. After emptying and washing the box, coat it inside and out with PetLab solution and allow it to air dry for around 30 minutes. Once the box is odour-free, wipe the surface with a paper towel or clean microfiber cloth and put it back to use. Keep in mind that it may take multiple treatments to remove built-up urine deposits.

  • Does it only work for urine stains and odours?

    No. PetLab Stain & Odour remover is formulated to effectively remove all types of stains and odours caused by urine, faeces, vomit or other organic pet messes around the home.

  • Can I use it directly on my pet?

    No! PetLab Stain & Odour Remover is not intended for topical use or consumption by pets. It is formulated for use on surfaces and fabrics only. If your pet has any skin irritations or health concerns, it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian for proper treatment.

  • Can it be used in my carpet shampooer/extractor?

    While PetLab Stain & Odour Remover can be used in a carpet shampooer/extractor, it should be used as a pre-treatment before shampooing. We recommend pre-treating the affected area with PetLab according to the instructions, allowing it to work for the recommended time, and then using your carpet shampooer/extractor to clean the area. This will help ensure that the urine deposit is not spread and it is fully treated and eliminated before shampooing.

  • Can I use it on all indoor & outdoor surfaces?

    Yes! It can be used to treat all water-safe surfaces, indoors and outdoors, hard and soft. Different application instructions do apply, depending on the surface. No matter what surface is being treated, it is always advised to proceed carefully and test first for colour fastness or other adverse damage on an inconspicuous area of the surface before proceeding with full treatment. Play it safe and test first!

  • Will it damage my carpet/rug?

    PetLab Stain & Odour Remover is generally safe for most carpets and rugs that are water safe. However, in some cases, especially with natural fibres like wool and other natural blends, the acidity in urine can cause burn marks that resemble stains and are in most cases irreversible. PetLab can help remove the odour, but it cannot remove these burn marks. For natural fibres, it is recommended to test on an inconspicuous area of the carpet or rug first to check for any adverse effects before proceeding with full treatment.

  • Can I use it on berber carpets?

    Berber carpet is difficult to remove stains from because of its looped pile, which traps the stain causing matter instead of releasing it through the top of the pile. To remove stains, apply clean tap water to the soiled area and blot continuously until the stain fades and the odour is removed. For natural fibres, avoid using enzyme cleaners and use a specialised cleaner for natural fibres. Alternatively, you can use PetLab Healthy Habitat natural disinfectant to neutralise odours and disinfect the area.

  • Can I use it on leather and suede?

    PetLab is safe to use on leather and has received positive customer feedback. However, it's important to test for colorfastness first, as not all leather quality is the same. Water can damage leather, so use PetLab cautiously and avoid applying too much. PetLab should not be used on suede, as it can be easily damaged. For suede, it's best to seek out a professional cleaner.

  • Can I use it on hardwood/timber floors?

    Most hardwood surfaces are not water-safe, so it is not recommended to saturate these surfaces with any liquid, even water. If you know your hardwood flooring is sealed with a water-safe sealant, you should be good to use PetLab on it, but it is always best to test a small, inconspicuous area first for colorfastness and to make sure the surface won’t be damaged. It is important to clean up urine and other organic deposits as soon as it’s spotted to prevent the acid from burning or discolouring the surface. Burn marks caused by uric acid on hardwood floors are irreversible but can lighten in colour with repeated use of PetLab. To remove black stains permanently, the surface needs to be sanded down and resealed. If you're not sure if your timber floor is water-safe, contact the manufacturer of the flooring for the best cleaning tips.

  • Can I use it on Concrete Floors, Marble and Non-Glazed Tiled surfaces?

    Yes, our enzyme cleaner is effective on treating stains & odours from concrete, marble and non-glazed tiled surfaces. For detailed instructions on how to use the product on different surface types, please visit our "How to Use" page here: https://pet-lab.com.au/pages/how-to-use-petlab-urine-stain-odour-remover

  • Can I use it on bamboo floors?

    Yes, PetLab can be used safely to treat bamboo floors. Ensure you leave the solution to dwell for around 10–15 minutes before wiping up the solution. It is important to note that not all bamboo flooring is created equal, so we always advise testing the solution on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it is safe for use.

  • Can I use it on clothing, towels and bedding?

    Yes it can, but before treating with PetLab, the urine contaminated item needs to be rinsed under a tap to flush out the excess urine and any residue from previously used detergents or chemicals.

  • Can I use it on mattresses and padded upholstery?

    Yes, you can use PetLab on mattresses and padded upholstery to remove urine stains and odours. For fresh deposits, start by blotting up excess urine with paper towels or microfiber cloths. Then, saturate the affected areas with PetLab, making sure to use enough solution to soak deeply into the affected areas. Allow the area to air dry naturally. For older, embedded deposits, target and treat the visible stained areas first, saturate them with PetLab, and allow to air dry. The biological removal of the urine deposits takes place during this drying time. You may need to repeat the process for stubborn stains.

  • Can I use it on natural grass and plants?

    While PetLab is formulated to treat artificial turf and other hard outdoor surfaces, it can also be used on natural grass and plants with better than expected results. PetLab is very mild with no harsh ingredients and generally does no more harm than water would. However, it is important to proceed carefully and test first on an inconspicuous area as not all grass and plants are the same. It is also important to note that if the urine has already caused damage to the grass or plant, PetLab may not be able to reverse the damage.

  • What about DIY recipes?

    Some people recommend using vinegar or baking soda to remove pet urine smells, but they don't actually remove the odour and can make it worse. Soap-based cleaners can also make the problem worse by pushing the stain deeper into the carpet. Household products with oxidising agents like hydrogen peroxide can cause discoloration to carpets and are not recommended. It's best to use a specialised pet stain remover like PetLab that can break down and remove the urine at the source.


  • What is Healthy Habitat?

    Healthy Habitat is a natural disinfectant cleaner that does 3 things in 1 - cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odours from household surfaces like pet beds, floors, and more. Healthy Habitat can be used by pet parents to clean and disinfect all indoor surfaces in their home, including floors, furniture, carpets, bedding, and more. While it is specially formulated to clean and neutralise odours on surfaces where pets eat, sleep, and live, it is not limited to just pet surfaces. Its powerful 3-in-1 formula can clean, disinfect, and eliminate odours from all household surfaces, making it an ideal all-purpose cleaner for pet owners and non-pet owners alike. So, whether you're dealing with pet messes or just need to keep your home clean and sanitary, Healthy Habitat is a great choice.

  • Why choose Healthy Habitat over cheaper supermarket options?
    • Cleans, Disinfects, and eliminates odours instantly.
    • Kills 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, and viruses where pets eat, sleep, and live.
    • Can be used on carpets, floors, furniture, upholstery, and more.
    • Made from 100% plant-based, certified organic, and eco-friendly ingredients.
    • 50% more concentrated than similar products, making it more effective.
    • No rinsing required; simply spray, wipe and go.
    • Provides up to 10X more surface coverage and deeper penetration.
    • Tested and certified by laboratories worldwide.
  • Can I use Healthy Habitat to clean my floors?

    Using Healthy Habitat to clean your floors is a great choice. Not only does it clean and disinfect your floors, but it also eliminates odours instantly. Plus, since it's made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, it's safe for your pets and family to walk on without any harmful chemicals. And because it's a 3-in-1 cleaner, you don't have to use multiple products to get the job done. So you'll save time, money, and have a fresh-smelling, clean, and sanitary floor that's safe for everyone.

  • Can I use Healthy Habitat to clean and sanitise my pets bed, laundry and blankets etc?

    Yes, you can use Healthy Habitat to keep your pets' sleeping and resting areas clean, fresh and free from harmful germs and bacteria. Its 3-in-1 formula can effectively clean, disinfect and eliminate odours from all household surfaces - hard and soft, including those that your pets use.

  • Is Healthy Habitat food safe?

    Yes, Healthy Habitat is food safe and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including kitchen countertops, cutting boards, food prep areas, and even inside your fridge. You can also use it to clean and disinfect your pet's food and water bowls, as well as any other areas in your home where your pets eat, sleep and play. In fact, you can use it on any water-safe surface where germs, bacteria and viruses may occur, such as carpets, floors, furniture, upholstery, mattresses, tiles, timber, laminates, decking, concrete, clothing, and leather.

  • What are the ingredients?

    Healthy Habitat contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients that work together to keep your home hygienically clean and fresh. This includes:

    • A blend of surfactants that work to remove dirt and grime while also disinfecting surfaces. This blend includes a quaternary ammonium compound, which is commonly used as a disinfectant and has antimicrobial properties. It is effective against a wide variety of organisms including fungi, microbes, and viruses. The blend also includes non-ionic surfactants that are derived from natural materials and act as degreasers and biocidal agents. These surfactants reduce surface tension, loosen and lift soil, and hold it in suspension. They also act as wetting agents and emulsifiers.
    • A mineral salt solution containing sodium chlorite, which is a powerful disinfectant with antibacterial and antifungal properties.
    • Filtered water helps to maintain a neutral pH and acts as a solvent.
    • A lemongrass fragrance for a pleasant scent.
  • How does it differ from the enzyme solution?

    PetLab Healthy Habitat and Enzyme Stain & Odour remover are different types of cleaning products with distinct purposes.

    PetLab enzyme Enzyme Stain & Odour is formulated to break down and remove all organic odours caused by urine, faeces, vomit, slobber, sweat, and any other bodily excretions from animals and humans. It uses natural enzymes that break down and digest the organic matter, eliminating the odour at the source.

    PetLab Healthy Habitat, on the other hand, is a powerful 3-in-1 natural disinfectant that cleans and sanitises all indoor surfaces, including floors, and neutralises odours. It kills 99.9999% of all germs, bacteria, viruses, and odours around the home where your pets eat, sleep, and live. It is safe for use on pet beds, blankets, kitty litter, food bowls, floors, and other household surfaces, and it is made from 100% plant-based ingredients that are certified organic, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, 100% chemical-free, 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic to people, pets, and the environment.


  • What is PetLab Artificial Turf/Outdoor cleaner?

    PetLab PLUS™ is a powerful triple action artificial turf and outdoor cleaner that cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odours in a single application. It is 50% more concentrated than similar products, boosting its cleaning power and delivering industry-leading results.

    • Made from 100% plant-based ingredients
    • Certified organic, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and 100% chemical-free
    • Safe for pets, people, and the environment
    • Dilute with water to make up to 6L of ready-to-use solution
    • Saves up to 80% compared to buying individually
    • Kills 99.9999% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses instantly
    • Perfect for use on artificial grass, concrete, brick, outdoor furniture, kennels, swing sets, fences, walls, or any other surface where odours, germs, bacteria, or viruses arise due to pets
    • Guaranteed to protect your backyard and keep it clean, sanitary, and smelling fresh all year round for your pet family.
  • What makes PetLab Artificial Turf/Outdoor cleaner better than others?

    PetLab Artificial Turf / Outdoor Cleaner uses a proprietary wetting agent blended into its formula. It helps the cleaner to spread out more evenly and cover more surface area, which means you can use less of it to get the job done. It also helps the cleaner penetrate deeper into surfaces, which is important for getting rid of odours and bacteria at the source. This means that PetLab PLUS™ can save you money and provide better cleaning results compared to other cleaners.

    • Triple action formula: deep cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odours at once
    • 50% more concentrated than similar products, making it more powerful and effective
    • Made from 100% plant-based ingredients that are certified organic, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and 100% chemical-free
    • Safe for pets, people, and the environment
    • Can save you up to 80% compared to buying individually
    • Contains a proprietary wetting agent which helps get better coverage and deeper penetration
  • Is it safe for pets, people and the environment?

    Yes, PetLab Artificial Turf / Outdoor Cleaner is safe for pets, people, and the environment. It is made from 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients, free of harmful chemicals and toxins, and is non-toxic to people and pets when used as directed. Additionally, it is 100% biodegradable, leaving no harmful residues in the environment.

  • What is the difference between PetLab Outdoor/Turf and PetLab Healthy Habitat?

    PetLab PLUS™ is specifically formulated for outdoor surfaces like artificial turf, concrete, brick, and outdoor furniture, while Healthy Habitat is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used on all indoor surfaces, including floors. PetLab PLUS™ has a triple action formula that deep cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odours in a single application, while Healthy Habitat has a blend of cationic and non-ionic surfactants that loosen and lift soil and hold it in suspension, making it easier to clean. Additionally, PetLab PLUS™ is more concentrated than Healthy Habitat, making it more powerful and effective at breaking down and degrading harmful bacteria caused by pet urine, faeces, and other disease-causing bacteria on outdoor surfaces.

  • If I use PetLab Outdoor/Turf, do I still need to use the enzyme solution?

    For the best results on heavily soiled artificial turf, we recommend using the enzyme solution first and then the turf solution. The enzyme solution breaks down the bacteria and organic matter that cause odours, while the turf solution deep cleans and disinfects the surface. By using both products, you can effectively eliminate odours and ensure a clean and hygienic outdoor area for your pets.

  • What can PetLab Outdoor/Turf be used for on its own?

    PetLab Outdoor/Turf can be used to clean, sanitise and neutralise odours on a range of outdoor surfaces, such as artificial grass, concrete, brick, outdoor furniture, kennels, swing sets, fences, walls, and more. Regular use helps to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria, germs, and odours.

  • How much PetLab Outdoor/Turf solution do I use for my area?

    In general, it's difficult to provide an exact amount of solution needed to clean a specific area because there are many variables to consider, such as how many pets use the area as a primary toilet, how many dogs are there, and even what wildlife (birds, bats, possums etc.) may visit the area. These factors can affect the amount of solution needed for effective cleaning and odour elimination. As a general guideline we suggest In warm/hot seasons - fortnightly maintenance is recommended. In cooler seasons - 4-6 weeks maintenance is recommended. Regular watering down between treatments is recommended.

  • Is it safe to use on natural grass and plants?

    While PetLab Outdoor/Turf is not specifically formulated for use on natural grass and plants, we have received great feedback from customers who have successfully used it on these surfaces. However, we recommend testing a small area first to ensure that it is safe for your particular grass or plants.

  • Can it be used on loose surfaces, pavers or sand

    Yes, PetLab Outdoor/Turf can be used on loose surfaces, pavers, and sand. Being a loose surface the urine deposits can spread more easily, making it more challenging and may require more solution to cover the affected area.


  • What makes it better for pet messes?

    PetLab Eco Laundry Liquid is a natural and effective solution for removing pet-related stains and odours from fabrics. Its Bio-Activated cleaning technology uses a blend of natural microorganisms and bacteria that specifically target pet messes, making it perfect for pet laundry. It's also gentle and effective on all types of fabrics, making it suitable for everyday household laundry.

  • What is Bio-Activated Technology?

    Bio-activated technology is considered an environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning method because it uses natural agents to perform the cleaning process, rather than relying on harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and to human and animal health.

  • How does it help to remove hair from washed items?

    Pet hair can often become deeply embedded and entangled in fabrics, making it difficult to remove with a regular wash. PetLab Eco Laundry Liquid contains a special proprietary formula that helps to loosen the weave of the fabric during the wash cycle. This allows the deeply embedded pet hair to be released from the fabric and easily washed away, leaving your pet's laundry clean, fresh and fur-free.

  • What are the instructions for use?
    • PetLab Eco Laundry Liquid can be used as a pre-treatment for stains by pouring or spraying it directly onto the stain and letting it soak for 10 minutes before washing.
    • It can also be used as a laundry additive by adding 25 ml to each load of laundry along with your regular detergent, or adjusting the amount based on the level of dirt and stains.
    • For a specific pet laundry wash, you can use it as a ready-to-use detergent. For top loaders, add 30ml for a light wash and 50ml for a heavy wash. For front loaders, add 25 ml and increase the dosage for heavy-duty stains and odours.
    • If you prefer to hand wash your pet's items, add 25 ml of Pet Laundry to a 5 litre bucket or basin of water with a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius.
    • PetLab Eco Laundry Liquid is effective between 30-60 degrees Celsius, with most stains being removed at 40 degrees Celsius.
    • It is not recommended for use on washable silk, wool, or dry clean-only fabrics.
    • For pets with sensitive skin, it is recommended to add an extra rinse cycle to ensure that any excess detergent residue is removed from the wash cycle.
  • What are the ingredients?

    Water Low foam Surfactant mix Proprietary blend of odour control agents and sequestrants Biocide Sequestrant builder Anti-redeposition agent Natural Preservative

  • Physical Properties

    Brown viscous liquid Fragrance free - Natural odour pH 5.5 – 7.5 (Dog's skin is normally in the range of pH 6.0 to 7.5) Chlorine-free Bleach-free Dye-free Phosphate-free, formaldehyde-free


  • What is the material used for the Grubby Paw range?

    Polyester Microfiber Chenille

  • Why are they better than a regular door or bath mat?
    • Made from super absorbent microfiber chenille "noodles" woven together to create a large surface area for maximum absorption
    • Absorbs up to 7 times its weight in muddy mess and water
    • 50% more microfiber chenille "noodles" per inch than the competition, allowing it to absorb double the amount of dirt, water, mud, and mess than regular doormats
    • Dries 10 times faster than regular mats thanks to its rapid microfiber drying properties
    • Super grip non-slip backing ensures it stays in place, even for larger dogs
    • Machine washable for easy cleaning
    • Versatile design can be used in cars, crates, garages, under food and water bowls, after baths, and more
    • Protects floors, furniture, car seats, and home from grubby paw prints and messes.
  • How do I wash the grubby paw products?
    • Wash them separately from other items in cool water with regular detergent.
    • Don't use fabric softeners or bleach, as they can reduce the mats' absorbency.
    • Dry them on low heat without fabric softeners.
    • If the mats have trouble with the spin cycle, wash two together or with a few towels, and run a second spin cycle to remove excess water.
    • Avoid exposing the mats to heat, as this can damage the no-slip backing.
  • What is the material of the throw blanket?

    Polyester Faux Fur

  • Is the throw blanket waterproof?

    Yes! The 100% waterproof lining inserted between the top and bottom layers will stop urine and liquids from ruining your surfaces underneath.

  • Why is it better than a regular throw blanket?

    Polyester faux fur is a great choice for dog blankets because it's soft, warm, and lasts a long time. It's not real fur, so it won't affect dogs with allergies or sensitive skin, and it doesn't shed. Plus, it's cheaper and kinder to animals than real fur. Most dogs find it comforting to touch and it can help them feel safe and calm.

  • How do I wash it?

    You can wash it in the washing machine and dry it on low heat or hang it to dry, so it's easy to take care of.