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There are many benefits of having artificial grass in your garden, but one of the potential drawbacks is the material can easily harbour nasty odours left behind by pets. Fortunately, good quality turf deodorizer can quickly and effectively destroy such unpleasant smells – but it is important to make sure you choose a pet urine remover that is designed to fully eliminate the source of odours and not simply cover them up with strong chemicals.

Here at PetLab, we know from first-hand experience just how difficult it can be to keep your home and garden looking and smelling great when you have pets leaving behind stains and smells. This is why our family run business set out to develop cleaning products that would truly destroy the contaminants that cause unsightly stains and nasty odours. Our product is the result of the combined expertise of commercial cleaning experts and experienced biochemists.

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The PetLab range of products use natural, organic, plant-based ingredients to induce enzymatic reactions that break down the atomic bonds between contaminants at a molecular level. This process involves activating ‘good bacteria’ which eats and digests contaminants, converting them into water, salts and carbon dioxide. As a result, our artificial turf deodorizer actually eliminates the source of the problem rather than masking over it, providing an effective and permanent solution to unwanted odours.

Our spreading agent technology provides our cleaning products with 10 times more surface coverage and deeper penetration than any other cleaner on the market, allowing customers to save money and reduce waste by cleaning more with less. And thanks to the fact that the whole process involves utilising naturally occurring reactions, our products contain no toxins or allergens that could make them dangerous to children, pets or the environment. To further minimise the impact our business has on the long-term health of the environment, we strive to obtain all of our ingredients from renewable and biodegradable sources whenever we can.

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You can easily order your new artificial turf deodorizer on our website and we will arrange for it to be delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia. If you prefer, you can get in touch with a member of staff for more information.
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